Water of life, precious water,
With perfect pipe (PFP)
I will keep it.

A company specializing in the production of the strongest and safest people-friendly plumbing system that provides health and joy to mankind and takes the lead in protecting the environment.

Since its foundation in 1994, Coating Korea Co., Ltd. has been contributing to the lives of the people in the SOC field with the belief that it will become "the strongest and safest human-friendly plumbing company that provides health and joy to mankind and takes the lead in environmental protection".
It is playing a leading role in the field of coatings for close water pipes and gas pipes.
In particular, in the case of our water pipe (PFP), we use a steel pipe (steel pipe) made of iron, the strongest material made by man, and socket joint technology without welding to withstand any harsh external environment and improve the water supply path.
Water tightness is ensured not to spill even a drop of water. More importantly, both the inside and the outside of the water pipe are made of polyethylene, which is used as a material for toys and milk bottles, that is, with guaranteed hygiene.
By perfectly coating, "water," the source of life, is delivered cleanly and safely from the water intake to the faucet.

In the case of gas pipelines, major city gas companies across the country conduct annual on-site inspections to give customers the highest score in our quality and production system, production management and operation status, and inventory management from materials to finished products. has earned the reputation and trust of In order to meet the trust of our customers, we, Coating Korea, Inc. executives and staff, keep in mind the common truth that when we settle for reality without a sense of crisis due to a moment's inattention, we will continue to develop products through continuous R&D and management innovation.
We will protect Pride. We fear the people, our neighbors and customers, like the sky, and we will continue to fulfill our responsibilities without compromising on quality.

We, Coating Korea Co., Ltd., have gathered talented people from all over the country in the Gimje Plain, the lifeline of the nation, to produce water and gas pipes with passion and responsibility and supply them to the whole country. Excellent product performance certified by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
With pride and responsibility as a regional leading company supported by Jeollabuk-do, we will keep the water of life and precious water safe and clean together with the people and humanity.

thank you.

CEO of Coating Korea Co., Ltd._sign.png
Kyu-Ho Choi